SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Homeschool Kit

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SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Homeschool Kit

Education and fun for the Next Generation of dog owner...our children (and their adults)

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SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Homeschool Curriculum
SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Homeschool Curriculum
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Get a second Dog Smart Cart Game for just $9.99

What you'll learn

Tip #1

Humane education in a fun and engaging way to teach Kindergarten through sixth grade students responsible pet ownership.

Tip #2

Dog safety and dog bite prevention for the whole family with engaging games and activities. A fun way to learn while at home. Even the dog will have fun!

Tip #3

Reward based dog training activities with our online training series. Features kid-friendly activities through your own online training account.

SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Curriculum

A fun & engaging way to teach dog safety.

Dog Smart Card Game

Learn dog bite prevention the fun way

Dog Smart teaches dog bite prevention with pictures of dog body language. With dozens of ways to play, including classic card games, memory games, math games and matching games. Ages 3-99.

Online dog training exercises included in our package:

Getting Your Dog's Attention

Four fun attention getting games like Doggie YoYo, Magic Hands, Say My Name and Hide-and-Seek.


Everyone will love teaching sit with Treats on a Seat, Sit for Everything, and Super Sits.

Come When Called

An essential safety skill your dog needs to know. Teach it with Doggie Ping Pong and Come For Good Stuff.


Teach your dog to lay down with a variety of fun exercises like Daring Downs and Grocery Bag Relay.

Leave It

Kids and adults can teach the family dog to leave it with fun games like Oops.

Quiet Barking from Mild Separation Anxiety

We'll show you techniques to help anxious and stressed out dogs that bark too much.

Walking Together

Teaching leash skills to everyone in the family with Walk This Way, Penalty Yards and Meet & Greet on a Walk.


Patience is hard, especially for kids and dogs. Learn Wait for the Food Bowl, Go To Your Mat and Chillax.

Front Door Manners

Nobody wants to be greeted at the door by a crazy jumping dog. Learn Wait at the Door, Doorbell Settle and Meet and Greet At The Front Door.

Quiet Barking From Noise Stimulation

Exercises to help dogs that bark and are overstimulated from noises.

Quiet Barking From Visual Stimulation

Exercises to help dogs that bar from people they see, other dogs, and visual stimulations.

Tellington TTouch Exercises

Learn natural, relaxation exercises using Tellington TTouch. A great way for kids to learn gentle touch.

Dr. Rise VanFleet
"Your materials I think are wonderful for professionals who work with kids and dogs, but also for families...they are very playful and attractive that kids would enjoy."

Fun for Your kids (and your dog)!

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