Royal’s Take on Adopting an Older Dog

Our Aussie chimes in with a dog’s point of view

Adopting an Older Dog

Royal here! To comment on Jenn’s blog “Advantages of adopting an older dog.”

Jenn brings up good points on what makes adopting an adult dog an awesome way to go. 

But, I know for you humans, there’s a thing that overrides your brains. And that’s the “cuteness puppy factor.”  All these suggestions about adult dogs are well and good until someone in your family is overwhelmed by a puppy’s adorableness. Your planning goes out the window, and you bring home a ball of fluff that is wonderous-ly cute, but may not be the best fit for your family. 

This is real thing that goes on in your brain when you see babies and puppies and kittens, and studies have shown that both men and women are uncontrollably attracted to cute.

I get it, come on, look at me at 10 weeks old. I am out-of-control cute!!

Royal the Australian Shepherd as a Puppy

But I’m here to defend we adult dogs, who have our own cuteness factor. Tell me I’m not just a cute today as I was back then:

Royal the Australian Shepherd wearing a Dog Bandana

So just a word of warning as you and your family start your search for the best family dog. “Puppy cuteness factor” is a real thing that can derail your plans. Be realistic about the best canine match for your family.

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