Need Ideas? We’ve Got You Covered

Our Good Dog online library includes 200 videos that you can use for curriculum ideas and with clients to provide reinforcement in-between classes or with remote training situations. Includes 74 reward based, family friendly dog training videos, 32 Tellington Ttouch videos, 54 responsible pet ownership and dog bite prevention videos especially for children, and 16 videos from the Welcome Home series for new dog owners. Curiosity piqued? We thought so.

Family Friendly Online Dog Training Video Library

Be the Trainer With Classes for Kids

Children ages 7 to 9 are bitten by dogs more than any other segment of the population. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to teach them, as well as their parents, when it comes to training the family dog. Good Dog’s training program was designed by Family Paws Certified professional dog trainer Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA, with children in mind. 58 of our training videos feature Jenn and our band of kid dog trainers. Each video has a matching training card and activity guide, sold separately.

Tellington TTouch Videos for Companion Animals

Learn Tellington TTouch for Dogs

Tellington TTouch is a type of touch used to activate neural pathways to the brain and increase learning potential in pets. The foundation of the TTouch method is based on circular movements of the fingers and hands all over the body. The intent of the TTouch is to activate the function of the cells and awaken cellular intelligence. This gentle method of touch is perfect to teach children and reinforces proper handling and interaction with pets. Our video library provides 24 Tellington TTouch videos with children and 8 without.

Reward Based Dog Training Materials

Training Cards & Activity Guides

Part of Good Dog’s curriculum is designed for children ages 5 to 12. Each kid friendly, reward based training exercise has a matching printed card detailing the steps to make practicing fun and easy. Activity guides are available to reinforce responsible pet ownership, dog bite prevention, and humane education, with fun games and puzzles. All of our family friendly content is designed with parent supervision in mind. Get up to 40% off printed materials when you subscribe to the Good Dog Pro system.

Reward Based Dog Training Tools

We’ll Set You Up for Upsells

Several of our videos show the proper use of reward based dog training tools that make training easier for clients. From harnesses to grooming tools to food dispensing toys, we’ll provide you with ideas to suggest to clients. But don’t send them to Petco! Sign up for our Good Dog Partner Program on our sister site,, and send clients there to purchase their tools. You’ll make a percentage of every sale.

Who Is This Program For

Good Dog Professional Dog Trainer

The Professional

  • You’re a reward based dog trainer. You don’t use force methods, choke chains, or shock collars. (And if you do…this program is NOT for you.)
  • Dogs are your life and you love working with them, but you need something new. You need some variety in your offerings.
  • You’re running in a thousand different directions and coming up with new curriculum materials, all the time, is frankly, a pain.
  • You’d love to have more to offer families with kids.
Good Dog New Professional Trainer

The Newbie

  • You’re new to the world of professional, reward based dog training and you can’t get enough. You can’t fit one more dog book on the shelf!
  • You already took your training and passed with flying colors, but it left you wanting more.
  • Training never covered kids! What the heck do you do with them? (No worries. We’ll give you tons of ideas.)
  • You’re trying to find your niche and become an expert that will help you stand apart from the crowd
Good Dog Entrepreneur in Dog Business

The Entrepreneur

  • You’ve been at this reward based dog training thing for a while and it’s time to up your game.
  • You need new ideas for classes and totally new revenue streams.
  • You’re a self-improvement junkie and you can’t get enough videos, webinars, and online classes
  • You’d love to find unique resources to pass along to clients to distinguish you from the competition
Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA

Your Instructor: Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA

Jenn has been a professional dog trainer for more than 13 years. She has also been a guild certified Tellington TTouch companion animal practitioner for 10 years. Jenn is Fear Free certified, a Family Paws Parent Educator, a Maxwell Award nominee, and she’s been published in “Dog Fancy,” “The Dog Trainer’s Resource 3,” and “The APDT Chronicle of the Dog.” She’s also been seen on “CBS This Morning.” Jenn is the creator of the SAFE dog bite prevention program and the Good Dog curriculum.

Good Dog Pro LMS System

Ok Already! How Do I Get It?

The Good Dog Reward Based Dog Training Reference Library is part of the Good Dog Pro Subscription for professionals in the dog and pet space. All our training videos are available in our e-learning system, easily accessible from any device with an internet connection. Use our videos on location in client’s homes or during classes. Give clients their own online account and assign them videos to watch and practice. Pair videos with printed materials from the Good Dog Pro Store.

Good Dog Pro Subscriptions are affordably priced in three plans, starting at just $19.99 a month. But our dog training videos are just the beginning. Learn how to grow your business, take part in live webinars, join our Facebook community, and get discounts up to 40% on printed materials.