Education Is The Answer

Owning a pet can and should be a beautiful experience. When kids are raised to respect dogs and animals, they grow up to become more responsible owners. We’ve designed every product and curriculum material around the idea of respect, safety, and fun. Each curriculum is available as part of our Standard and Big Dog subscriptions at no additional charge, or they may be purchased individually.

Reach & Teach PowerPoint

Reach & Teach Humane Education Curriculum

Reach & Teach is a complete humane education program, written for children from kindergarten through sixth grade. It contains eight units including: being a responsible pet owner, stopping pet overpopulation, having healthy and safe pets, being SAFE around dogs and cats, I can learn to ‘talk dog and cat,’ providing for a pets whole life, animal advocacy, and careers working with animals. The program comes with a printed manual, videos, a complete presentation script, PowerPoint, games, handouts, and workbooks.

SAFE How to Meet a New Dog

SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Curriculum

SAFE dog bite prevention, is part of our Reach & Teach curriculum, but is also available separately. Composed of two units, being SAFE around dogs/cats and I can learn to ‘talk dog and cat,’ the program be presented in one 90-120 minute session or two 45-60 minute sessions. This curriculum comes with a downloadable manual, full presentation script, PowerPoint, videos, games, SAFE game postcards, and handouts.

Play the SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Game

SAFE Game & Printed Materials

Our printed support materials can be used as an inexpensive giveaway during presentations or advertising for an upcoming presentation. From the Dog Smart Card Game to the SAFE dog bite prevention game postcards, you can have fun while drawing positive attention to your business and the serious subject of child safety. Get up to 40% off printed materials when you subscribe to the Good Dog Pro system.

All Breeds Are Beautiful

All Breeds Are Beautiful Curriculum

We are proud to offer this program as our newest curriculum. All Breeds Are Beautiful debunks breed bans and educates about dog safety and dog bite prevention. This program will be available in early 2019.

Family Friendly Online Dog Training Video Library

Dog Training Curriculums / Activity Guides

Good Dog reward based dog training curriculums were created for families with kids and dogs. Twelve activity guides are available, with each focusing on different elements of dog training. With each activity guide you receive five reward based training exercise cards that show step-by-step how to complete the trainings. Each card has a matching video available to subscription members, that can be used with clients for added reinforcement and practice. Activity guides also include puzzles and games, dog bite prevention, humane education, and how to be a responsible pet owner, all for kids. Great for summer camps, kids classes, or private lessons in households with children aged 5 through 12.

Who Is This Program For

Good Dog Entrepreneur in Dog Business

The Educator

  • You’re a humane educator, teacher, or teacher at heart. You love passing along valuable information.
  • You love animals and you love kids. Combining the two puts you in your happy place.
  • You’re running in a thousand different directions and coming up with new curriculum materials, all the time, is frankly, a pain.
  • You’d love to have more to offer families with kids.
Good Dog

The Parent

  • You’re concerned about the safety of your children and everyone else’s.
  • You spend most of your waking hours trying to teach the younger generation something of importance (that they’ll retain).
  • Keeping kids safe around dogs and dogs safe around kids is important to you.
  • You’re not necessarily a humane education expert, but with the proper materials, you could definitely reach & teach.
Good Dog Professional Dog Trainer

The Biz Owner

  • You’ve been at this dog training or dog business thing for a while and it’s time to up your game.
  • You need ideas for new revenue streams and to get your name out in the community.
  • You love to teach.
  • You’d love to find unique resources to pass along to clients to distinguish you from the competition.
Kim and Jenn Merritt

Your Authors: Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA and Kim Merritt-Butler

Jenn has been a professional dog trainer for more than 13 years. Kim is the mother of two, who homeschooled her children while running several businesses. Together the Merritt sisters have developed numerous curriculums to address some of the larger issues in society as they relate to dogs, animals, and children. Combining education with safety, all the curriculum materials offered respect a child’s intelligence and present concepts in a fun way, without being silly or insulting. Curriculum materials are aimed at kindergarten through sixth grade.

Good Dog Pro LMS System

I’m Sold! I Want It! How Do I Get It?

Good Dog curriculum materials are available as part of our subscription, starting at just $19.99 a month, or can be purchased separately in both printed and online formats. You choose what works for you. From professional educators to moms who run a Girl Scout troop, we’re here to give you the resources you need to make learning about animals and dog safety fun and engaging.

Remember that as a subscription member, you’ll be able to access our private Facebook community to talk to other educators, parents, and trainers about dog safety and humane education. You’ll also get to take part in monthly webinars, where the education and safety conversation will continue, plus you’ll get discounts up to 40% on printed materials. Standard Dog and Big Dog membership levels received copies and intro packs of our curriculum materials as part of their subscription.