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Jenn Merritt CPDT-KA, Royal, Bernie, Kid Dog Trainers

Kids want to take part in dog training lessons, but how do you keep them engaged with fun activities? The Good Dog Program provides basic and advanced, reward based dog training activities that can be used with parent supervised children, ages 5 to 12.

Many of our dog training exercises you already do, but now you have printed training cards with matching online videos, and activity guides, to make dog training more family focused. Our materials promote practice in between visits and informational material to build more responsible pet owners in the next generation.

One curriculum kit can be used for one or two dog training sessions, in private or group class settings. Combine with your own materials or use independently.  Activity guides can keep kids busy while you explain more advanced concepts to parents. Pair with the Dog Smart Card Game for dog bite prevention lessons and games during class.

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Our materials will save you hours of curriculum development and trying to figure out what to do to keep class interesting.

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Dog Training Curriculum 1
Dog Training Curriculum 2
Dog Training Curriculum 3
Dog Training Curriculum 4
Dog Training Curriculum 5
Dog Training Curriculum 6
Dog Training Curriculum 7
Dog Training Curriculum 8
Dog Training Curriculum 9
Dog Training Curriculum 10
Dog Training Curriculum 11
Dog Training Curriculum 12
Dog Smart Dog Bite Prevention Card Game

Curriculum Highlights

Foundation of Program

  • Learning about your good dog
  • Loving your good dog
  • Teaching your good dog
  • I Can empowerment statements
  • Family friendly training
  • Created by CPDT-KA, BA pro
  • Teaches dog safety
  • Activities for whole family
  • Positive reinforcement training
  • Dog Smart safety game
  • Responsibility & ownership
  • Basic dog commands
  • Promotes better behavior
  • Teamwork and trust
  • Reward based training
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See what the experts had to say!

“Jenn & Kim have done a great job of providing what kids need to know, with a great blend of hands-on, video and of course, the excitement of getting a box of stuff every month. (Everybody loves getting stuff!) Kids and dogs can be perfect together!”

“Good Dog in a Box is a great idea. I love the emphasis on compassion and gentle training. Your program is great!”

“I found this all to be very complete and easy to follow. The creative games were a hit and really made learning about dogs and behavior fun. I really (and my daughter) enjoyed the kit.”

“We love it! My son couldn’t stop watching the videos. I finally had to say, ‘’s time for bed!’ I’m really surprised by how much of an interest he now takes in our dogs. Him having these exercises as a step by step guide is amazing. He’s excited and wants to work with the dogs every day. (My dogs are 9 and 10 and are equally as excited to work with him!) I think if I would have tried to do these things on my own, it would not have been successful. He needed this in a program that was for HIM.”

Join Jenn, Royal, Bernie, and the kid dog trainers

Your personal guides through dog training activities, dog safety games, and fun.

  • Paying attention & name games

  • Learn responsibility

  • Gentle interactions

  • Basic dog training commands

  • Balanced leash walking

  • Dog body signals & dog communication

Good Dog Training Program for Families
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Learn About the Curriculum!

Written by professional dog trainer, Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA, BS, Family Paws Certified, Fear Free Certified, and a Tellington TTouch Guild Member for Companion Animals

Dog Training Curriculum 1

Training Exercises: Getting your dog’s attention

Learning: How dogs communicate with their whole bodies

Loving: What your dog needs to be happy and healthy

Teaching: Helping your dog make good choices

Training Tool Highlighted: Treat Pouch

Training Game Cards: Doggie Yo-Yo, Hide and Seek, Magic Hands, Say My Name, and Advanced Magic Hands

Activity Guide Length: 24 pages

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Dog Training Curriculum 2

Training Exercises: Sit

Learning: How dogs communicate with their mouths

Loving: Gentle ways to pet your dog

Teaching: Sit for everything

Training Tool Highlighted: Halti Harness

Training Game Cards: Let’s Sit, Sit For Everything, Treats On A Seat, Doggie Ping Pong, Doggie Ping Pong 2, Let’s Sit Part 2, Let’s Site Part 3

Activity Guide Length: 16 pages

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Dog Training Curriculum 3

Training Exercises: Come when called, Down

Learning: How dogs communicate with their eyes

Loving: Dog proofing your home

Teaching: Come when called

Training Tool Highlighted: 4′ and 6′ Leashes

Training Game Cards: Come When Called, Catch And Release, Come For Good Stuff, Come Away From Good Stuff, Down – Treat – Repeat, Hide & Seek Outside, Advanced Hide & Seek

Activity Guide Length: 16 pages

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Dog Training Curriculum 4

Training Exercises: Walking together inside, Down

Learning: How dogs communicate with their ears

Loving: Giving your dog a job

Teaching: Walk with me on a leash

Training Tool Highlighted: Kong food dispensing toy

Training Game Cards: Walk This Way, Walk Together, Three’s Company, Moving: Down-Treat-Repeat, Moving: Down-Treat-Repeat Part 2, Advanced Hide And Seek Part 2

Activity Guide Length: 16 pages

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Dog Training Curriculum 5

Training Exercises: Walking together outside, Leave it

Learning: How dogs communicate with their tails

Loving: Talking your dog to the vet, Spaying and neutering

Teaching: Let’s walk together outside

Training Tool Highlighted: High value treats

Training Game Cards: Leave It Part 1, Leave It Part 2, Penalty Yards, Walk This Way Outside, Down-Treat-Repeat Part 3

Activity Guide Length: 16 pages

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Dog Training Curriculum 6

Training Exercises: Leave It, Down and Stay

Learning: How dogs communicate with dog body language recap

Loving: Keeping your dog’s coat healthy and clean

Teaching: Why your dog needs to leave it

Training Tool Highlighted: Zoom Groom Brush

Training Game Cards: Leave It Part 3, Leave It Part 4, Down And Stay, Penalty Yards On The Road, Leave It Part 5

Activity Guide Length: 16 pages

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Dog Training Curriculum 7

Training Exercises: Go to your mat, Down, Leave it

Learning: Canine calming signals

Loving: Oral care for dogs

Teaching: How to meet a new dog

Training Tool Highlighted: Dog Oral Care Kit

Training Game Cards: Chillax On The Mat Part 1 – Get On The Mat, Come When Called Food Bowl Challenge, Leave It – The Oops Game, Super Sits, Daring Downs

Activity Guide Length: 12 pages

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Dog Training Curriculum

Training Exercises: Go to Your Mat, Leave It, Tricks

Learning: How to prevent dog bites with strange dogs

Loving: Healthy dog treats

Teaching: How to bake healthy dog treats and safety in the kitchen

Training Tool Highlighted: Doggone Good Dog Treat Cookbook & Dog Bone Cookie Cutter

Training Game Cards: Chillax On A Mat Part 2 – Go To Your Mat, Guess What’s Next, Leave It The Oops Game Part 2, Trick – Crawl, Trick – Flop And Roll Over

Activity Guide Length: 12 pages

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Dog Training Curriculum

Training Exercises: Down on a mat, Drop It, Come When Called, Tricks

Learning: How to prevent dog bites with dogs you know

Loving: The importance of dog ID tags, licenses, and microchips

Training Game Cards: Chillax On A Mat – Down On The Mat, Grocery Bag Relay, Drop It, Come When Called Leash Walk Challenge, Tricks – Shake

Activity Guide Length: 8 pages

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Dog Training Curriculum 10

Training Exercises: Target, Front Door, Stay

Learning: How animal services helps dogs

Loving: How I can help my local shelter

Training Tool Highlighted: Target Stick

Training Game Cards: Basic Target, Moving Target, Trick – Spin, Come When Called Front Door Challenge, Chillax On A Mat – Stay On The Mat

Activity Guide Length: 12 pages

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Dog Training Curriculum 11

Training Exercises: Nosework, Waiting, Doorbell Activity

Learning: How dogs use their sense of smell

Loving: Playing nosework games with your dog

Teaching: Teaching your dog to wait

Training Tool Highlighted: Treat dispensing puzzle

Training Game Cards: Nosework Box Game, Find Your Best Friend, Wait For The Food Bowl, Wait At The Door, Chillax On A Mat Part 5 – Doorbell Settle

Activity Guide Length: 12 pages

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Dog Training Curriculum 12

Training Exercises: Nosework, Meet and Greet, Tricks

Learning: What is canine cognition

Loving: How to be an advocate for your dog

Training Game Cards: What’s Under The Cup Pup, Meet And Greet On A Walk, Meet And Greet At The Front Door, Trick – Take A Bow, Trick – Sit Pretty

Activity Guide Length: 12 pages

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