• End of Life Education & Care for Pets

End of Life Is Part of Life

As much as we don’t want to think about losing our pets and our clients, end of life is an important and often undiscussed part of the pet profession. Often clients or coworkers look to us for answers, information, and support in trying and difficult times. Having a solid background in how to deal with various situations related to death and dying, can help those who rely on us. Good Dog is proud and honored to partner with eldercare and aftercare expert, Jodi Clock, to bring you a very important and unique online training course in dealing with end-of-life issues.

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Jodi Clock Pet Aftercare Consultant

Pet Palliative Care & Euthansia

There are options available to today’s pet owner, when it comes to eldercare and end of life decisions. Mobile pet hospice is a new and growing trend in pet care that can prolong the life of a beloved pet, without sacrificing quality of life. Euthanasia options are available in-home that make a pet and their family more comfortable and compassionate. Jodi Clock explains growing trends and options in eldercare.

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Jodi Clock Pet Death and Dying Consultant

What Happens When A Pet Dies

Would you know what to do if a pet in your care died? How about it’s owner? If a client asked you on advice about euthanasia or cremation, would you be able to answer with helpful, factual information? Even though these subjects make many of us uncomfortable, it can provide a tremendous service, as well as support, to our clients during a very difficult time in their life. Dealing with the loss of a pet is every bit as traumatic as losing a human family member. Jodi walks you through these sensitive topics in her online training course.

Navigating the Eldercare Journey by Jodi Clock

Navigating the Eldercare Journey by Jodi Clock

Jodi Clock wrote Navigating the Elder Care Journey…Without Going Broke! to help people appreciate the important facts they need to know, in order to make the right financial choices, in one easy-to-understand guide. It is her hope that through personal stories, straightforward information, and family care plans which include checklists, that people will be able to better manage this process.

Jodi Clock Eldercare Aftercare for Pet Professionals

Celebrating The Life Of A Pet

After a pet dies, its important for the owners and other animals in the house to grieve. Missing steps in the grieving process, even for other animals, can cause long term behavioral and health issues. In these important videos, Jodi discusses what to do in the minutes after death, options for cremation or burial, and how to memorialize a cherished pet after they’re gone. Although difficult subject matter for some, this is critical information for anyone that has ever dealt with or will deal with the loss of a pet. By knowing answers to questions and offering suggestions and resources, you can help ease a client’s mind during this difficult phase of pet ownership.

Good Dog Pro Subscribers Save 40% on this course!

Who Is This Program For

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The Professional

  • You’re a reward based dog trainer. You don’t use force methods, choke chains, or shock collars. (And if you do…this program is NOT for you.)
  • Dogs are your life and you love working with them, but you need something new. You need some variety in your offerings.
  • You’re running in a thousand different directions and coming up with new curriculum materials, all the time, is frankly, a pain.
  • You’d love to have more to offer families with kids.
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The Newbie

  • You’re new to the world of professional, reward based dog training and you can’t get enough. You can’t fit one more dog book on the shelf!
  • You already took your training and passed with flying colors, but it left you wanting more.
  • Training never covered kids! What the heck do you do with them? (No worries. We’ll give you tons of ideas.)
  • You’re trying to find your niche and become an expert that will help you stand apart from the crowd
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The Entrepreneur

  • You’ve been at this reward based dog training thing for a while and it’s time to up your game.
  • You need new ideas for classes and totally new revenue streams.
  • You’re a self-improvement junkie and you can’t get enough videos, webinars, and online classes
  • You’d love to find unique resources to pass along to clients to distinguish you from the competition
Jodi Clock

Your Instructor: Jodi Clock

Jodi Clock is an international speaker, author, and expert on how to help families have difficult conversations with their loved ones about legacy planning, for people and pets. Since 1988, Jodi has worked in the ‘end-of-life planning’ industry including family and corporately owned funeral homes, pet crematories, advance funeral planning companies, and casket manufacturers. Jodi and husband Dale own Clock Funeral Home and Clock Timeless Pets, one of the country’s first pet loss centers. Jodi is a charter member on the leadership team of the Professional Pet Loss Alliance (PLPA), a Certified Pet Loss Professional (CPLP), and is trained in Pet Loss and Grief Companioning. She holds an insurance license and has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development. 

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