Little Dogs with the Little Dog Guru

Little dogs have special needs and are more prone to fear, stress and reactivity. Take a deep dive into all things small this week with Drayton Michaels, CTC, as he discusses the needs of little dogs. From the proper ways to approach and pick up a small dog to how to counter condition using a […]

Dog Play for Adolescent & Adult Dogs

What is dog play and why is it important? In a followup to his article, “Dog Play & Prediction Error,” Drayton Michaels, CTC, talks about shaping dog play and the need for getting your dog into regular, supervised play with doggie friends. It’s not just us humans that need friends and benefit from the social […]

Tails From Alaska: Canine nose work, shelter dogs, and building a successful reward based dog training business

Metis Riley, CPDT-KA, discusses her personal growth from a dog walker to a reward based dog trainer in Alaska. Reactivity is her focus, working not only with clients but also with dogs in shelters, helping them to get adopted. Metis created a unique program that uses canine nose work in shelter dogs to help them […]

All My Children Wear Fur Coats with Peggy Hoyt

Kim Merritt was honored to be a guest speaker on All My Children Wear Fur Coats, Animal Care Trust USA’s podcast, hosted by founder and CEO Peggy Hoyt.

Counter Conditioning

Announcer:                  Welcome to Good Dog Pro, the weekly video podcast that’s all about having a good dog without using fear or pain. Hosted by Drayton Michaels, CTC, Pitbull guru and founder of Urban Dogs and; and Kim Merritt, co-founder of and, and founder of The URL Doctor.