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Counter Conditioning

Announcer:                  Welcome to Good Dog Pro, the weekly video podcast that’s all about having a good dog without using fear or pain. Hosted by Drayton Michaels, CTC, Pitbull guru and founder of Urban Dogs and ModernDogTraining.com; and Kim Merritt, co-founder of GoodDogInABox.com and GoodDogPro.com, and founder of The URL Doctor.

When to Use a Veterinary Behaviorist, The “Psychiatrist” of the Dog World

Dr. Amy Pike, DVM, DACVB, IAABC-CABC, Boarded Veterinary Behaviorist talks about the role a vet behaviorist plays in dealing with aggression and extreme fear in dogs. One of only 84 vet behaviorists in North America, Dr. Pike is a specialist in behavior medicine, who is essentially the “psychiatrist” of the veterinary world. She discusses her […]

Puppy Play Development

Have a new puppy or thinking of getting one? You won’t want to miss this episode of Good Dog Pro, where Drayton and Kim discuss puppy development and puppy socialization. Drayton talks about the importance of puppy group classes and why you want to expose your young puppy to other puppies in supervised play situations. […]