Enjoy National Walk Your Dog Day with a no-pull harness

Make leash walking a more enjoyable experience for you and your dog

February 22nd is National Walk Your Dog Day!  Good Dog in a Box is encouraging you to get out there and enjoy National Walk Your Dog Day with a no-pull harness. No-pull harnesses are a great all around choice for walking dogs. They decrease pain and anxiety for dogs while on leash, give the handlers more overall control of the dog’s body, and are easy to use.

Pulling on leash is a common issue, but the issue is often made worse by using aversive training collars that are designed to cause pain. Choke, prong, and shock collars can not only harm your dog physically, they can contribute to a range of more serious issues such as reactivity and aggression. We never recommend these devices, especially in households with children.2016_03_21_1845-copy
No-pull harnesses are an easy, pain free management solution for dogs that pull especially when combined with reward based training techniques. We recommend no-pull harnesses for tandem walking exercises for parents, children and their family dog. Tandem walking is a great way to create safe everyday bonding and exercise routines with the dogs and children.

Here’s a list of some of the different no-pull harnesses on the market. We love the Halti Harness for it’s versatility, price, and it is our top choice no-pull harness.

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