Royal’s Response on Adopting 2 Puppies or 1

What a dog thinks

Jenn Merritt and Royal the Aussie

So you’re thinking about adopting two puppies? Wait. No, stop! Let me give you the dog’s perspective on this.

It’s a huge deal for a puppy to be separated from his mom and siblings. It’s stressful and weird, but there’s one thing that made it OK for me. I bonded with Jenn right away. I learned to trust Jenn even those first hours we were together and she and I were best buds from that point on. She could focus a lot on just me, and it set me up for our life together.

Adopting 2 puppies sets up a very different experience, in that, the puppies are not so into you. They have each other. Sure, you fit in somewhere. But you’ll never be as important as a sibling.

And if you know anything about siblings, you know that they can be very different individuals. Imagine living with your sibling forever. That may not be a big deal for some, but for others, you might need some full coverage home owner’s insurance. Sibling puppies can be best friends and worst enemies and it’s up to you humans to manage the problems for the lifetime of your dogs.

In this case, I totally agree with Jenn’s advice to adopt one puppy. Raise and train that puppy with all your attention and love and guidance. And when that puppy has grown into the stable, adult dog you wanted, then add another puppy. If you choose to. Do right by your single puppy and reap the rewards of just one pup.

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