Training Your Dog – Polite Door Greetings, Part 2

A common complaint of many dog owners is how their dog behaves around the front door when the doorbell rings. Whether the dog is barking, jumping up on visitors, or running out the door, there are a range of behaviors that many dog owners would like to change. This is especially important for parents with […]

Royal’s Response to “Polite Door Greetings”

Royal here, once again to give you the dog’s perspective. This week, I’d like to comment on Jenn’s blog “Polite Door Greetings” where Jenn explains how to start managing your dog’s behavior around the front door and with guests. This seems to be one of the top complaints you humans have about us dogs. That we […]

Training Your Dog – Polite Door Greetings

Halloween begins a busy season in many households. The arrival of trick-or-treaters and Thanksgiving and holiday guests can send many dogs into a whirlwind of jumping up, barking, and over-arousal. Many dogs become over-stimulated by the sound of the doorbell alone. This time of year is ideal for helping your dog develop and practice polite greeting behaviors.  Here […]

Royal’s response to #HarnesstheLove

Royal here! Once again giving you the scoop from the dog’s perspective. This week, Jenn blogged about #HarnesstheLove, a campaign to promote the use of no-pull body harnesses. Bravo! This is a great way to get more dogs into no-pull harnesses and out of prong, choke and shock collars.  I can tell you, if your dog […]

Good Dog Award Winners – Antioch High School Panther Tails Program

The Good Dog Blog will be awarding a weekly “Good Dog Award” for dogs doing good things and those doing good things for dogs. This week’s Good Dog Award goes to the student athletes of the Antioch High School Panther Tails Program in California. The recently launched program pairs student runners up with shelter dogs […]