Put Your Pup to Work with a Kong

Does your dog spend the day relaxing? Is he just eating and drinking and lounging around all day? Must be nice! Or is your dog getting into trouble when he’s bored by checking out the trash can, chewing on the furniture, and eating pillows? Let’s end the freeloading and the destruction caused by boredom by putting […]

Is Your Dog Mirroring Your Negative Energy

Dogs live in the world of positive and negative energy.  We as their owners, impact them 24/7. When we are happy, they love all over us. When we are sad, they are there by our side. When we are angry, they walk away from us.

Freedom of Choice

I was having lunch with a close friend and mentor in the business world and I was telling him about my formal leap into the dog training world. After hearing me discuss my business plan and long term plans for the future, he asked me a very simple question that I had never put any […]

Enjoy National Walk Your Dog Day with a no-pull harness

February 22nd is National Walk Your Dog Day!  Good Dog in a Box is encouraging you to get out there and enjoy National Walk Your Dog Day with a no-pull harness. No-pull harnesses are a great all around choice for walking dogs. They decrease pain and anxiety for dogs while on leash, give the handlers […]

Why you shouldn’t punish your dog for growling

Are you welcoming a new dog into your family in 2017? Good Dog in a Box is here to help you every step of the way with our Welcome Home series. This week, we’re talking about growling, why growling is such an important communication tool and why you shouldn’t punish your dog for growling.