The Small Business Academy for Pet Professionals

Want to take your dog business or organization to the next level? Do you need help wading through the confusing and overwhelming amount of information on the web? We hear you! We’ve been there too. That’s why we’re bundling a complete education in online marketing, websites, and strategic growth in our Good Dog Pro subscription. Our goal is to help you succeed and realize your dreams of working with dogs and being financially successful.

Social Media Basics Online Course

Online Marketing for Small Budgets with Big Ideas

You can’t be successful if your customers can’t find you online. So let’s get you found! We’ll cover search engine optimization (SEO) to get you found on Google. Learn how to run successful marketing campaigns on Adwords, Facebook, and Instagram. Understand how social media works (it’s more than posting pictures of cute puppies…but that helps). Build your email marketing list. Become the trusted source of information to your audience. You can do it! We’ll show you how.

Website Advice for the Technically Challenged

What platform should you build your website in? How do you pick a web hosting company? Where do you register domain names and get business email addresses (i.e. like real businesses have)? You don’t need to have a PhD to navigate website design, you just need good instruction. We’ll give you the basics and provide a how-to DIY course if you decide to give it a go on your own, from how to make professional images for use online to making your website a lead generation tool.

Online Marketing Web eBooks

Downloads & Resources You Can Use

The Small Business Academy for Pet Professionals is filled with valuable resources you can use to increase your visibility and effectiveness online. Cheat sheets, checklists, eBooks, case studies, and more help you to learn more about managing and marketing your business in an online world. Take part in our monthly webinars on topics related to the web and get an opportunity to ask questions about your biggest online problems.

How to Make Money On Online Platforms for Pet Professionals Course

How to Use Online Platforms to Grow Your Business

From Upwork to, there are numerous online platforms that you can use to grow your business and make more money. Whether it’s dog walking, pet sitting, blogging, writing, etc., there are people online who will pay you for your expertise. We’ll walk you through the biggest sites that impact people in the pet industry and give you guidance on how to get set up and market yourself on the biggest platforms. Take the 5 Day Upwork Challenge! Cha-ching!

Who Is This Program For

Good Dog

The Reluctant Business Owner

  • You love dogs, but all this business stuff and online marketing is really not what you signed up for. Help is much appreciated.
  • Old school is the only school you ever attended. All this new fangled online learning stuff is downright scary.
  • You want to earn a living doing what you love, so if you have to learn online marketing, you’ll consider it.
Good Dog New Professional Trainer

The Tech Neophyte

  • You don’t know a .jpg from a Polaroid and don’t even mention HTML, SEO, or PPC. That will make you LOL (laugh out loud).
  • You understand how to turn your computer on, search for something on Google, and read your email. That’s it. From there, forget it.
  • You’d love to learn how to market your business online, but see bullet points one and two.
Good Dog Entrepreneur in Dog Business

The Entrepreneur

  • You’ve got a website and you’ve dabbled with a Facebook campaign or two, but you know there’s a lot of room to improve results.
  • You want to build your email list so you can conquer the dog world!
  • You’re ready to take your online marketing and business to the next level.
Kim Merritt Butler Good Dog in a Box Cofounder

Your Instructor: Kim Merritt-Butler, The URL Dr.

Along with being the co-founder of Good Dog Enterprises, Kim has also been “practicing” as The URL Dr, doling out prescriptions for online success for more than ten years. She works with small and mid-size companies around the country, helping them to grow and be more successful online. Her entrepreneurial background has been followed in the media since her rise to fame as a teenage entrepreneur in the mid-eighties. Kim has worked with Apple, The Rolling Stones, ADP, AT&T, Range Rover, and Drs. Foster & Smith. She has been involved in four successful startups and counting and has grossed more than $11M in her respective businesses. As a professional speaker and trainer who has worked with SBDCs around the country, she now brings 39 years of small business growth experience to you.

Good Dog Pro LMS System

Sign Me Up! I Need All This Stuff!

Get full access to our e-learning videos for small business and start growing your dog enterprise. The Small Business Academy comes as part of the Standard Dog and Big Dog Good Dog Pro Subscriptions, starting at just $39.99 a month. Not only do you get a constantly growing selection of courses and videos to help you grow your business, but you also get our full library of 200 dog training videos, and get discounts up to 40% on printed materials.

The Small Business Academy for Dog Professionals will start to be available in February 2019. It will be a continual growing collection of courses and lessons in how to grow various aspects of your business.