Kim Butler to Attend Global Pet Expo 2018

I’m super excited to be covering the Global Pet Expo for Good Dog in a Box. I’ll be acting as a “roving reporter” during the show, finding new hot trends in the pet industry and highlighting the best new pet products of 2018. You can catch all my video coverage and interviews on the social media […]

Pet Loss Professionals Association 2017 College

Losing a pet is unfortunately, a part of life. We know that at some point, our pet will no longer be with us. It is a time that is filled with grief and sadness. In many cases, it is every bit as painful as facing the loss of a human family member. Having grown up […]

Pro Pet Hero’s What’s Up Wednesday

I was so excited to be on Cara Armour’s video show, What’s Up Wednesday. We talked about Good Dog in a Box and all the new products and free resources we’ve introduced in the past six months.

Good Dog Recipe Contest

We’ve got a fun new way to promote wholesome treats for kids and dogs! It’s the Good Dog Recipe Contest. Your healthy snack could be included in our new “Dog Gone Good Kid’s Recipe Book,” featuring wholesome treats for kids and dogs. Plus, you could win a $100 shopping spree at!

Blog Paws 2017 Conference

As I sit contemplating my first experience with a BlogPaws conference, I’m honestly not sure where to begin. From a Great Dane in a pink tutu to Jay Baer in a purple suit to cats in sunglasses to a red carpet experience that would rival the Oscars, it was something you had to see to […]