Dog bite prevention in a fun new card game

When Jenn and I first started developing the concept for Good Dog in a Box, we both agreed that we wanted to highlight dog safety and dog bite prevention, especially for kids. The largest segment of the population that gets bitten by dogs are 5 to 9 year olds. Many times the bites occur from […]

Share The Box – Earn Free Stuff

We’re super excited to announce our new Share The Box Program, to reward all our wonderful fans that have been talking us up on social media. Now when you share information about our products or website, you can earn free product. Really! Totally free…just for talking about us on social media! What could be better?

See Good Dog in a Box in Action

Today’s we’re premiering our Good Dog in a Box video commercial. It’s a great 60 second look at how a family with kids and dogs can use our new family friendly dog training subscription box. Good Dog in a Box is live on Kickstarter this month. Take a minute to watch the new video and […]

Family Friendly Dog Training Subscription Box Launches on Kickstarter

Here we are! Finally, live on Kickstarter with our new family friendly dog training subscription box! Jenn and I thought this day would never come. Good Dog in a Box is not only going to teach your old dog a few new tricks, it’s going to teach your entire family. We’re excited that we could launch during National […]

Good Dog in a Box Launching on KickStarter

For the past 14 months, Jenn and I have been working, long distance, on a way to change how people relate and interact with their dogs. That may sound like a gigantic task, and believe me, it has been. But finally, after more than a year, we can see the finish line. The Good Dog […]