Royal’s response to the “guilty look”

Royal here! Once again to give you the scoop from a dog’s perspective. Jenn’s last blog talked about a study that debunked the myth of the so-called “guilty look.” First of all, I am so glad that you humans are finally wising up and doing real scientific research on dog behavior and body language. Go […]

Royal’s Top 5 Tips for a SAFE Memorial Day with Kids and Dogs

Royal here! Giving you the dog’s perspective on having a SAFE and happy Memorial Day with your dogs and kids. Memorial Day kicks off the summer and is awesome because it means that there’s lots going on. You humans seem to hang out more outside when it is warm and you invite other humans over […]

Royal’s Response on adopting 2 puppies or 1

So you’re thinking about adopting two puppies? Wait. No, stop! Let me give you the dog’s perspective on this. It’s a huge deal for a puppy to be separated from his mom and siblings. It’s stressful and weird, but there’s one thing that made it OK for me. I bonded with Jenn right away. I […]

Royal Agrees – Dog Size Matters

Royal here! To give you to scoop on why size matters when you choose a dog. The older Jenn gets, the more I see her faced with her own physical limitations, although she won’t admit it. In addition to not being a “spring chicken,” Jenn has a reoccurring back issues. She knew when she adopted […]

Royal Chimes in on Getting a Puppy

Royal here to comment on Jenn’s blog “Advantages of Getting a New Puppy.” If you are serious about adopting a puppy, there are a few things that are really good to know. Jenn adopted me when I was 10 weeks old from my breeder Katrina. She did lots of research before finding Katrina and that included […]