Royal Barks in on Getting a Dog for Your Children

A dog’s point of view

Royal the Aussie

Royal here. I’m an 8 year old Australian Shepherd and I have a lot to say on the subject of dogs.

Jenn brought up some great points in her blog “Should I Get a Dog For My Children?” Let’s think about this from the puppy or dog’s perspective. 

It is very exciting and stressful for us to be adopted into a new human family. Everything is new and some things can be confusing for us. We need to learn the rules, where to sleep, what to play with, where to do “the business.” There’s a lot to take in and we canines need adult human support every step of the way. 

The best thing you humans can do before you bring home a new furry family member is realize how much work we are and who is going to end up doing the work. 

As much as you may want to give a puppy or dog to one family member as a gift or as a way to teach responsibility, the reality is that we are a life. A life that will depend on you to ensure that we have everything we need, even when there are after-school activities, homework, schedule changes, etc. We need you when we grow up and aren’t so cute, and even when we grow old.

Are we worth it? Totally and completely. Nothing makes us happier than being part of a family. It’s what every puppy dreams about. Being a family’s Good Dog. 

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