How to Housetrain a New Dog

Part 3 in the Welcome Home – Bringing Home a New Dog Series

Housetraining a New Dog

There are several tried and true rules for housetraining success. The first rule is supervision, supervision, supervision. Especially during the first few weeks, you need to have your eyes on your dog at all times. If you can’t supervise your dog, they should be in their crate.

Second is knowing when to take your dog outside. Don’t rely on your dog to tell you when they have to go. Ideally, we want to be near their potty area when their bowel and bladder are full. The most likely times are when they wake up from a nap, after playing/ exercising, and after eating. Eating. especially, stimulates the digestive tract, so you know that you’re puppy will need to go after eating.

Third, we have to make it more rewarding to go outside than inside. Have special treats on you, so that you can reward your dog generously when they complete successes outside. Don’t reward them when you get inside, you always want the reward to come immediately after the success outside. Help your good dog be successful, by following these rules for house training success.

The first two weeks is the most critical time for your new dog. Habits get formed quickly and you want them to be the right ones. Invite everyone that will interact with your dog to use the same commands and be consistent in the techniques you use. Don’t miss other posts in our Welcome Home series including: Part 1 – Top 10 Must Have Dog Items and Part 2 – Crate Training.

Welcome Home - Bringing a New Dog Home Series

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