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Royal here, once again to give you the dog’s perspective. This time, I’d like to comment on Jenn’s blog “Reduce frights and bites during Halloween.” So there’s this time of year where you humans get so weird! The leaves fall and you all get out all these morbid things. We dogs just shake our heads and wonder what it all means. For us, this time of year especially means unpredictable behavior from humans, especially human children and there are invading monsters that come right to the front door!

disguise-463974Yikes!! All of a sudden, your children are covered in layers of hats and wings and shiny fabrics. You let them carry about pointy swords and pokey wands. They act differently and move differently when they are covered in these contraptions and then there is the yelling and screaming. To us dogs, you are all sometimes very scary. We just ask that you think about us and help us deal with all this.

So what do dogs want on Halloween? Well, we just want to feel safe. We really don’t want to be dressed up or in charge of guarding the house from the scary, invading monsters that keep coming to the front door. Jenn suggests putting us in a quiet room, with soft music and something to chew. So for me, this time called Halloween is no big deal. Jenn manages me and plans ahead to keep me safe. And that’s all I really want. Well, that and something to chew. Happy Halloween!

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